This is Not a Drill

This is Not a Drill !

This is Not a Drill !

You are adrift and fighting to survive with your dwindling resources for a while now. You have already sacrificed the artificial gravity for spare parts for the vital systems. Currently floating around your pod, along with a bunch of nuts, access panels and garbage, making your movements slower and more complex.

You don’t have anything to eat anymore. Your stomach makes awful noises and your visions is troubled.


Suddenly, an alarm starts ringing. You realize that it is the main generator alarm. You are about to get to put your hands on the insides of that system when you realize that you took it’s alarm about ten minutes ago to replace the broken one from the oxygen generator. This is the system that is now ringing. You get close to it and are horrified to find out that it’s screen is only showing an incomprehensible error code. It can only mean one thing : The main computer is offline and cannot translate errors for you. You grab the escape pod operation manual floating nearby and look for the code.

And now?

The answer to your question is right in front of you, and it is scary. The oxygen generator is not being supplied with water anymore. You check its pump but nothing seems to be wrong with it. The alarm has now been ringing for about ten minutes and is driving you mad. You disconnect it for a bit of tranquility and you go toward the water distribution system. You open its panel with your wrench and smoke is suddenly released from behind it. The system is not being cooled down anymore and is overheating ! You don’t have the time to fix anything when it suddenly catches fire and ignites a pack of rations that was floating nearby. The pod is now filled with flames and many alarms start ringing. The fire extinguishers do not start, you took components from them a while ago.
You run towards the airlock and open it. The air starts escaping the pod, the flames are quickly gone. It isn’t such a stupid idea, but you loose consciousness and die because of the cold and lack of oxygen. This is Not a Drill !