"I guess we are going down!"

Plunge into the abyss as a viscous lifeform descending through a treacherous well in this thrilling platformer! Engulf and disable monstrous enemies with your slime, clear levels by knocking them down or using them as projectiles, and unlock deeper, more challenging stages. Collect valuable items, dodge lethal traps, and vie for a top spot on the leaderboards. The deeper you go, the greater the glory. Are you ready to descend?

About This Game

Various effects of the slimes

Experiment with the various effects of the slimes on your enemies

Making each game unique

Battle diverse and unpredictable enemies, making each game unique

100 unique levels

Navigate through over 100 unique levels in the main well

Level editor

Utilize the level editor to create your own levels and challenge the community

Submit your score to the leaderboard

Submit your score to the leaderboard to compete with the top players of the month