We are fascinated by complex fictional worlds and love to spend hours upon hours exploring them. The excitement of solving a mystery and the immersion of a next gen game feel like the perfect mix of ingredients to us. We want you to dig into the dirt and uncover an entire fleshed out world that will light your curiosity!

The Team Can

Clément Marchand


Co-founder of Tin Can Studio, he is a multi-hatted entrepreneur with over 8 years of experience.

Composition: 50% human, 49% coffee… Don’t ask about the
remaining 1%…

William Burke

Art Director/Producer

Co-founder of Tin Can Studio, he has a decade of experience in 3D Art and Game Design.

When he’s not teaching Game Art, he is usually found obsessing about new original concepts or the nose buried between the pages of a good science fiction book.

Valentin Serri

Narrative Designer

Former game narrative designer & writer on Red Sails, he previously worked on Tell Me Why, Life is Strange 2, Gloomhaven and more!

Passionately obsessed with poetry, though his pile of unread books would like him to be more than obsessed to shrink faster.

Julien Cucco


Julien has over 8 years of experience of development on Unreal Engine.

But do not be fooled by appearances, he’s just as good on the dancefloor as he is with blueprint!

Clara Camou

Environment Artist/Lead

Previously environment artist on Metaphora: The Moonycat Quest.

She is so much of an art lover that she decided to get some under her skin (inked)! But don’t worry, she still has more than enough room for her addiction to grow!

Tom Marec

3D Generalist

Multifaceted artist who worked on eclectic stuff like the Renault Museum, or You Will Die Here Tonight. Shares his knowledge as a teacher, sometimes.

The rest of the time he takes care of his vast hairy family composed of 6 cats and 3 guineas pigs (he’s their hostage, send help!).

Antonin Vigneron

Game Designer

Used to be Combat & Game designer on Banisher : Ghost Of New Eden. He designs intriguing and destabilizing puzzles.

To preserve his colleagues’ mental health, he is only allowed to tell a single joke per day.

Thomas Barrandon


With more than 280k monthly listeners on Spotify, Thomas is a master of alternative electronic music.

His love of old school science fiction is his greatest source of inspiration!