Rescue Mode! Bring me home!

May 15, 2022

Takeoff in 3, 2, 1.0 !

We are officially out of early access with the release of Tin Can 1.0 !
It is said that in space, nobody can hear you scream, and if you are seeking the
ultimate thrill we encourage you to check out all our new content!
This has been quite an adventure and we are happy to have worked alongside you all. We hope you will enjoy this version of the game as much as we enjoyed making it.
As usual do not hesitate to leave us your feedback, reviews and other comments!

Since the early access release, we’ve added the following content:

– Second Pod (Relay Station)
– New Event
– Fire and Leaks
– Storage
– Rescue Mode
– Improved Soundtrack
– Scenario Editor
– Revamped Medusa Pod
– New Physical Interactions
– Improved Graphics
– Tutorials (4 improved tutorials, now)
– Challenges
– New Achievements
– A Few Easter Eggs 😉
– Re-balancing
– Lots of Debug and Various Small Improvements
– VR is Underway and Available in Alpha

We have a lot more in store if things go well so keep an eye open for future announcements!

As discussed previously, we are working on Tin Can’s VR mode and it will be released as a free DLC in the next few months. You can still play the old VR alpha version through the launch options.
We’ll be looking for beta testers so do not hesitate to join our Discord for more information about that!

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