Fascinated by both space and technology

Jun 06, 2020

The Origine – Origine

I’ve always been fascinated by both space and technology. Some in my family would say I was born to love it. My birth announcement card, drawn by my mother, showed me as baby astronaut sitting on an asteroid among the stars and the planets. When I found out about it, almost twenty years later, I was flabbergasted. Space is my life. Just thinking about the cosmos makes me shiver. This vast infinity of wonders, so much bigger than the world we live in. Full of everything that exists and that we know almost nothing about.
Our planet is a drop of water in the ocean of existence. Astronauts are the explorers of this infinity, flying where no living creature has even gone before thanks to machines that are made of the combined knowledge of thousands of years of human progress. We’re not supposed to be there. Space lacks everything that life needs to survive.
There is no air to breathe, nothing to protect you from extreme temperatures or radiation. There is no gravity to keep you on the ground and to stop your muscles from melting over time. And yet, thanks to technology, people can go up there, and survive. They can see and experience the impossible. Twelve humans went to the moon and came back, walked on the surface of another world and looked into the sky only to see the Earth not bigger than their thumbs when extending their arms. They were walking on a ground that people had been looking at from a distance for thousands of years without ever being able to even think about reaching it. Some people still don’t believe our species has done it.

Fascinated by both space and technology

As you can imagine, growing up as a child I was  fascinated by both space and technology, science fiction movies and tv shows depicting people travelling in space. More than that, I was fascinated about anything that could go wrong out there. Not because I like to see poor astronauts suffer and die in the void, but rather because it highlighted what is required to keep them alive, how much their survival depends on the complex technologies carrying them. A single one dysfunctioning and death comes knocking on the hull. So the sound of alarms in a lonely ship, along with the vision of astronauts bravely thinking their way out, using science and engineering to survive, these are what comes into my mind when people ask me what I am passionate about.
If I had been given the choice as a child I would have decided to become an inventor. I would have built the spaceships of the future. Unfortunately, I was told I was far too bad in maths to do such a thing. So, not wanting to let go of my dream, and loving fiction as much as reality, I decided I’d work as an artist of some sort. If I couldn’t build a real spaceship maybe I could make a damn convincing fake one!

Game Design

So I studied 3d art, and then Game Design. I realised very early that videogames were the best way to express myself. I could literally create an artificial reality where I’d be free to explore my passion for space and technology. I could create a simulated spaceship that would act like it would be real. I’d be able to walk inside it, press every button and make them do whatever I wanted them to do. Of course, life doesn’t always take you where you want. For five years I worked for a company I co-founded with some of my friends.
While it was an amazing experience, I was spending more time making virtual visits for real estate rather than working on my dream projects. A few months ago I decided to leave that company to realize a project that had been in my mind for a long time. This is when I met Clément. I told him about what I wanted to do and it picked his interest. With his support, the Tin Can project was started. Time to build my dreams!
I hope you’ll enjoy it.

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