Come and Meet us on Twitch!

Come and Meet us on Twitch!

Apr 28, 2022

Come and Meet us on Twitch!

Meet us on Twitch on the 24th, at 6pm EST, for us to thank you and to discuss what’s coming!
It has already been a month since the 1.0 release of Tin Can, our first game, and we still can’t believe we’ve gone this far!

We could not have done it without our community ✨ and for that we thank you for helping us turn that unique concept into reality.More than 30,000 of you attempted to survive in space in our old Tin Can
70,000 have wishlisted the game and might jump aboard in the future
90% of you have enjoyed going through cosmic hell
And in the end you helped us confirm that there is indeed interest for micro oriented space games

📢 For all of this, we thank you, and we invite you to join us on Twitch on the 24th at 6pm EST.
We will talk about the development of Tin Can and give you a glimpse of what you can expect from us in the future!

William & Clement

– Asteroids in “No Touching” are now more agressive
– Players can no longer survive without doing anything in the first scenario of rescue mode
– Asteroids not triggering in scenario editor
– Murphy’s law being too random

– Fire extinguisher is no longer magic
– No more objects being dropped on asteroid impact. It was too messy and caused too many issues. It might come back later on if we manage to balance it properly

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